노동이나 돈이 없는 사회로 가는 길

노동과 돈이 없는 낙원적 사회를 만드는 단계들. 왜 세상은 고통받고 있고 가능한 해결책은 오직 한가지 뿐인가?

Paradism video

Paradism will bring forth a true paradise on earth.

The Empathic Civilisation

We are not softwired for aggression and self-interest. We are actually softwired to be empathic towards others. We are sociable beings seeking to belong, seeking to love and be loved.

Rael on Paradism

Rael explains Paradism. A world that will support everybody's happiness.

Planned obsolescence and the deferring of the abundance

Goods are designed not to last in order to ensure the high level of prices and keep people in jobs. A nonsensical reaction of the consumer society to protect itself against the forces that are bringing about a society without work and money.

We'll make it a paradise

Music video about Paradism