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If there is no money to drive the people to work, nobody will want to do the tasks that are necessary for society and that cannot be done by robots.

This assumption leads many to believe that the society without money is a very remote reality if not an impossible one as there will always be tasks that require human attendance or input.
This assumption is false and Paradism, the society without work or money, is not a remote reality. It is well within the reach of our generation.

First to think that a society needs money to operate smoothly is untrue.
Human beings have been living harmoniously in society long before money was created. Today there still exist remote tribes who operate without money. They are living from the abundance of their natural environment and with a tribal structure where solidarity and cooperation ensure no one is left behind.

One can argue that in a modern society money would still be required to get things done.
Not true according to Science.

Providing the task is not purely mechanical and involved even rudimentary cognitive skills, scientific studies show that money is not a motivator. It becomes even counter-productive as a larger monetary reward can lead to poorer performance. This unexpected result has been tested and proven right over and over again in many different cultures.

Money is a motivator as long as we keep the people in a survival mode.
That is why capitalism and the monetary system that supports it make sure most people don't get financially secure. Maintaining the people in insecurity for their survival and their quality of life leads them to their enslavement, to their dependence into the jobs the system needs to survive.

What will happen in a society where people's insecurity is no more a factor that forces them to work?

Scientists have already an answer. They studied what motivates people when money is not an issue, when the survival and the quality of life of the people are already secured.
They found that the people will still engage into activities that contribute to the community. For example many if not most retired people choose to continue to work without salary in charitable and other organisations.

The scientists have found 3 factors that motivate people to work and perform better when money is no more an issue: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Human beings are not meant to be directed or controlled. When people are self-directed they engage in their activities and it leads to better performance.

People enjoy learning new stuff and getting better at it. They will spend hours learning the guitar just to be a better player. They like to be challenged by something and master it. They will go through a lot of pain just to reach the top of a mountain.

People will engage and perform better if it is for a higher purpose, as they want to make a contribution.

Paradism will make a full use of all these 3 factors to ensure its stability and continuity.
- By bringing forth a society of freedom without any power the people will enjoy a complete autonomy. See World without government
- Paradism will also provide all the resources and training to help the people achieve mastery in the domain of their choosing.
- Paradism will support everyone in their higher purposes allowing them to make an even greater contribution to society.

Paradism understands that everyone who is part of the human race has a contribution to make. Everyone is important and valuable just like every cell of the body is important and valuable to the body.

Paradism will make us aware of what is connecting us all, that there is something bigger than us.
We are a part of something larger than us that we call "humanity". We are like a cell in the big living entity, humanity. We all have a role to play, a function to fulfil, something that we can fully accomplish ourselves in: we all have a higher purpose to contribute to the well being and happiness of humanity.

Therefore things will be done if they need to be done. No amount of money is necessary to truly responsible and self-motivated people.

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