World Without Disease

Having a health industry that profits when people are sick has created all sort of abuses and has trapped a significant part of the population into a state of addiction and dependency.

The good mental and physical health of the population is the main concern of paradism.

Everyone should be given the best medical treatment available free of charge. Every life is as precious as any other.

All those pursuing scientific research will do it as a hobby and not as a job. They will be motivated by their own passion or by their desire to contribute to humanity and the betterment of society. The scientists but also the artists and all those who contribute to improve the health, the well-being and the happiness of the people will be recognized for their achievements and be praised as the heroes of our time.

Scientists in all domains but especially in medicine will receive all the resources and training they request. All newly discovered drugs or treatments will be made available to everyone for free.
Stem cell research which holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs will be strongly encouraged.
When successful, all defects or injuries whether they arise through disease, genetics or by accident could be corrected and prevented.
Aging could be stopped and reversed.
And when we will be able to overcome death scientifically, Paradism may well have led us to its final destination: creating a true Paradise on earth.

World Without Work
World Without Money
World Without Government
World Sustainability
World Without Disease
World Paradise